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Richard & Ryan Tomkins run a farm in rural Herefordshire raising pedigree Redpoll cattle. Farming is their passion and this hands-on farming experience has given them wide ranging knowledge of dairy building, milking parlours, cattle handling systems, silage clamp design, general layouts and housing. We have constructed a huge range of agricultural projects, all over the UK. Please contact us to discuss your project and have a chat about your requirements.

Silage Clamps

The silage clamp illustrated is a single bay of a 2 acre silage clamp that we constructed as part of a Biogas installation in Lincolnshire. This silage clamp was used for storing maize, vegetation and crops which were used to ferment to produce methane gas.


The design and construction was all tied-in as a complete structure. The mass concrete walls were 3.8m high, which were supported per 5m bay, with steel stanchions. The steel reinforcement within the silage clamp walls were tied into the steel mesh fabric of the silage clamp floor slab and the concrete joints filled with hydrophilic sealant which swells within the joint to ensure a watertight seal. The clamp was laid to falls with an open collection drain gully, connected to concrete collection chambers. This effluent stream was kept separate from the stormwater and pumped into an effluent lagoon as required by the environment agency.


The project was based in Lincolnshire and together with all the digester tank bases, concrete bund walling, access roadway, steel building and associated works, we were on site for 18 months.

Grain Stores

We have constructed numerous grain store buildings, with walls constructed from either precast concrete panels or with mass concrete. We have also installed a mixture of the two, with lower sections being mass concrete with precast concrete above which provides a substantial push-wall for grain handling. We have also been involved with grain drying floors, tunnels, blowers, screw elevators, conveyors.


We also have good links with specialist grain store system designers and often work alongside them to produce the best solution for your grain storage requirements.

Dairy Buildings

We have built up a strong relationship with several specialist dairy building designers who send us drawings and tender packages for quotation. These buildings seem to be getting larger as generally farm sizes increase, and although many have similar layouts, we do have the occasional rotary parlour or robotic milking system enquiry. Generally, we find that most clients want a complete package of installation, rather than trying to juggle numerous contractors.


We can supply the majority of the elements for your project, from the steel framed building, concrete works, concrete panels, cubicle steel work, fencing, gates, chalk flooring, feed barriers, water troughs, rainwater harvesting systems, anti-slip concrete imprinted flooring, drainage, cattle bedding, slatted floors and slurry handling systems.


Richard & Ryan's hands-on livestock experience ensures that what you wish to achieve is discussed, designed and constructed to suit you and your sites requirements. Please contact us for an informal chat so that we can provide costings, ideas and solutions based upon our experience.


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