Our civil engineering teams understand the impact that construction projects can have on the local environment. Many of our projects are undertaken in sensitive areas or near natural water courses or wildlife, and we can ensure that your project minimises the impact on the local area. This maybe by installing stormwater attenuation systems, sewage treatment plants, bunding of sensitive areas, rainwater harvesting systems, soil erosion prevention, retaining walls etc.

Rainwater harvesting

The image shows a typical, below ground, GRP, rainwater recycling tank. These are long sausage shaped tanks, which are connected to your building's rainwater downpipes, to store your rainwater for reuse when you want it.


The water is then pumped from the tank, filtered and if required, treated. You can use recycled rainwater for use in your washing machine or to flush toilets and WCs. Gardeners suggest that plants much prefer natural rainwater to chemical mains water - and it costs a lot less. For agricultural clients, this water is a valuable resource and can be treated for animal drinking water and used for washing down and general cleaning.


Woonton Building Contractors can supply and install the complete rainwater havesting system. Our civil engineering teams can link in all of your drainage requirements, water feeds, control panel and filter banks. Please contact us for a quotation or to discuss your requirements.

SUDS Solutions (Water Attenuation)

Recent legislation has seen more pressure on local planning authorities and specifiers to implement Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions (SUDS). The objective of SUDS is to design a rainwater system to deal with the peak flow of stormwater at source, rather than transferring the problem further down the watercourse. This effectively slows down the release of rainwater which helps to prevent flooding.


Woonton Building Contractors will work with you to correctly specify the SUDS system, dependant on the hardstanding area required and the permeability of the natural ground. The crates that we use are specified dependant on whether there will be traffic loadings applied to them or not. The crates are cellular, and link in to each other, and can be several crates deep.We can also supply and install HDPE or GRP tunnel attenuation systems for larger projects.


Please contact Woonton Building Contractors to discuss your requirements and arrange a site inspection.

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